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Si                                LIFE OF
spirit, a deep humane mind, and reason, and a heart
animated by the purest love for science and 1Mb WIT
combined, and what he felt he was able to oxprosfc
truthfully and gracefully.
But he was specially favoured by Providence from
his cradle upwards. Unlike thousands, perhaps the
majority, of learned men, lie had not to strugglo
against poverty and want; lie had not to roscuo his
budding spirit from the despair and privations con-
sequent on the want of the necessaries of life; lifj
had not to rouse himself from the flagging of I lie
wearied body; he came into the world as a privilege!
being; he was cradled among the highest .social
circles; his youthful education led him through the
widely opened house and domains of science, throng])
favour and wealth.
But it is his high, merit that with, those worldly
favourable circumstances he did not give way to tho
charms and the indulgences of his aristocratic position,
that he did not fall into tho egotism of high, birth, nor
the pride of idleness, but that he, on tho contrary,
surrounded by the charms of a favoured position ju
life, still followed the inborn impulses of his spirit,
that he made himself the self-sacrificing servant of
science. It forms Ms morally high position as a matt
that he voluntarily and unostentatiously rejected tho
aristocratic comfort of a nobleman, that he joyfully
sacrificed his property,"and bore the greatest dangers
and privations in the service of intellect, in his (endea-
vours after knowledge, and a scientific extension of a
comprehension of the world.